Our Clients

IG have a rich pedigree in technology implementations with a wide range of customers.

We have consulted for diverse customers, from single-site local firms, through government and charities to multi-national public companies with offices in scores of countries.

This insight enables us to understand the vastly different needs of different organisations. Our internal consultant network provides us with the ability to really understand the job requirements, be it for a permanent position or for a short-term contract.

We have consulted on all aspects of ICT, including Carrier / TEM, Network infrastructure, Virtualisation, Desktop, Telephony and UC, Contact Centre and Applications. We are experienced management consultants and understand the technology required to facilitate the decisions made by and organisation.

The candidates that you receive from us will be appropriate and suitable for the roles that they apply.

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Providing quality consultancy in the IT and Telecoms industries, IG are in an unparalleled position to add value for your recruitment needs.



Our aim is to understand your business to the level that you do. enabling us to genuinely understand what you are trying to achieve

Why IG


Our technical backgrounds help us understand IT roles and the positions that you are aiming to fill. We have a heritage of consultancy and development

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