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For most organisations, communications are the engine room of successful business delivery. End users will take for granted the power of a communications device / network and the job has not become any easier for the implementers of solutions, with the rise of consumer driven technologies. The long-promised UC landscape is becoming a reality, with increased WAN connectivity being the key facilitator.

The expectations of Generation Y are vastly different to any before and whilst this has progression has always been a driver for ICT, we are on the brink of a sea-change for which most organisations are not ready.

Social media is a great unknown, with continual changes in attitudes to the importance and usefulness of employing heavily into these technologies. What is clear, is that Social Media cannot be ignored and implementation of a flexible strategy must happen.

We have worked with multiple organisations who have been keen to remain ahead of their competition, whether this be by increasing internal communications and collaboration or by allowing for innovative and meaningful touch-points with customers.

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Providing quality consultancy in the IT and Telecoms industries, IG are in an unparalleled position to add value for your recruitment needs.



Our aim is to understand your business to the level that you do. enabling us to genuinely understand what you are trying to achieve

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Our technical backgrounds help us understand IT roles and the positions that you are aiming to fill. We have a heritage of consultancy and development

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